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Airplay powerlink II switch

The audio switch is designed for Bang & Olufsen audio systems that use the PowerLink audio system. The switch will help integrate almost any audio hardware into the B&O audio system

The device is 100% compatible with B&O devices and provides you with the solution to many problems related to audio installations, such as feeding-in of any audio sources to B&O systems, connecting B&O speakers to audio devices from other manufacturers, etc.

All audio signals - whether digital or analog - will be converted into the 100% standard compliant B&O Powerlink signal, including the circuit voltage required.
Any stereo audio sources can be connected to IN1 (DIN-8/RCA), IN2 (DIN-8) and SPDIF/TOSLINK IN which has a volume controlled output.

The 4 DIP switches on the bottom side of the Powerlink Switch for Airplay will allow you to choose the order of priority of the audio sources that are connected to your Bang & Olufsen speakers..

Connect your Apple Airport Express to TOSLINK IN via a fibre optic cable and equip your B&O system with the Airplay function! 

• AC220 or A110 power supply
• Optical TOSLINK audio input
• An additional built-in input filter to reduce potential humming risks to a minimum
• NO MORE 60 seconds delay between analog sources. The new switch allows you to decide and control the time yourself!
• Manual volume level control function.
• Digital processor inside
• Automatic low volume detection and channel switching.
• Automatic activation and deactivation of the speakers.
• Signal level correction.